Lozinky Releases New Single about her Night Life! @Lozinky

Recording artist Lozinky of Big Condo Records, recently released the visual for her latest single Night Life. The UK artist reveals that she had a troubled childhood that included poverty and other issues. ” When I start to write music or stand on stage, I feel like all of my worries and troubles have gone and its my time to show my feelings in a different way” she says.


Click to watch———–>Lozinky- Night Life




Paris Jackson Releases Rare Pic of Her Parents

Paris Jackson (via Instagram) released a rare pic last week of her parents Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. Jackson (19) has been coming into her own with features in the TV show “Star” and covering “Rolling Stone” and Harpers Bazaar” magazines.

Before his death, MJ was known to dress in fat suits and other disguises in order to go out in public. The picture that Jackson posted on Instagram has since been removed but had a caption that read “Mom and Dad Goals.” The picture shows a disguised MJ and Rowe riding on a motorcycle.

Paris Jackson


An organization that Includes the Disabled…Theta Delta Sigma Society


According to its website, “Theta Delta Sigma is a national fraternal organization that unites individuals of diverse backgrounds in an effort to empower themselves and our communities. Through our core values, we develop and arm our members with what is needed to succeed in the real world. We teach our members about diversity, multiculturalism, dignity, and pride.”

Theta Delta Sigma was founded at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York on April 15, 2001 by fourteen, diverse, undergraduate men and women. These individuals came together with a single vision, a rare vision, of uniting people of all backgrounds in a lifelong bond of Siblinghood.

Website: Thetas.org






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Nafrini Asks a Question


Nafrini, a conscious hip hop artist released the audio and visual for her third single ‘Do You Love Yourself’ on  May 5th, 2017. Through visuals shot throughout various parts of Los Angeles, this track tackles the ongoing issues of men and women who suffer with identity issues and the pressures of internet fame.

Do you love yourself? Do you like yourself? Why you going around trying to be somebody else?



JohVonnie Jackson Sheds Major Pounds!

The youngest child of the famous Jackson Family has some exciting news! Although JohVonnie Jackson has yet to announce a release date…She has assured us that her book “Bastard Child” will be released soon.

Here is an excert from her book.

“Yeah, I’m Joh’Vonnie Jackson, bastard child of the infamously irascible Joseph Walter Jackson, half-sibling to Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Brandon, Randy, Michael and of course Janet. And these are the chronicles of the 11th Jackson, half-damned and half-blessed.” -excerpt from Bastard Child

In all, Bastard Child aims to accomplish a few things for the reader. It shares an unknown story of the infamous Jackson family. It allows Joh’Vonnie Jackson her space and her time living out of the shadows and finally the opportunity to be able to tell her story. And lastly, it works to help all of those out there in need of support and to inspire others with their unique struggles to come forward and live life truly and authentically.



This is the book cover for “Bastard Child”

JohVonnie has lost a lot of weight in preparation for her upcoming book release.



Tanisha Rodney AKA Tanay Jackson is Still Claiming to be Tito Jackson’s Daughter

After appearing on the Jacksons, The Next Generation reality show, Tanisha Rodney was proven to be NOT related to the famous Jackson Family. Rodney has previously claimed to be the secret daughter Tito Jackson. In 2009 Rodney sued Jackson for him to acknowledge her as his daughter.

In a recent Facebook post, Rodney posted a pic of Tito Jackson and is still claiming him as her dad.

Rapper Kenika Moffett Gives Birth To Baby Girl Madisyn but its Bittersweet

Kenika “RapChic” Moffett recently gave birth to her baby girl Madisyn. This is Moffett’s 4th child but first with boyfriend Marlon Butler. Marlon is currently incarcerated and did not get to see the birth of Madisyn. According to Moffett, he will be released in either January or March of 2017. Since her birth, both Moffett and baby Madisyn have been visiting Marlon every Saturday and will continue to do so until his release. We wish this family the best.

Multicultural Sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma Supports #BlackLivesMatterMovement

Last week Dallas, Texas hosted the National Convention for the Multicultural Sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma. The “Gammas” were founded in 1990 by five women that stove to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women. With a network of well over 3,000 multicultural sisters from collegiate chapters and alumnae associations located across the United States it is safe to say that their goals have been overly achieved.

During their National Convention this year in Dallas, many members of all ethnicities posed for a pic in support of the #blacklivesmatter movement! Shout out to the “Gammas” for coming together no matter what race, to support the movement!

For more information about this awesome sorority please visit http://www.sigmalambdagamma.com